Monday, July 14, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #25

#25 Creamengine In Between 1997(written),1999(released)

For number 25, I chose a song that is one of my own and co-written by Mr. Anthony Ferrari. Is it egotistical, even hysterical to include something I created on this list? Probably, but it is my list and I consider this the best song we ever wrote as Creamengine. I rarely discuss the meaning of my lyrics, and quite frankly,few have asked about them. Mr. Ferrari doesn't even know the meaning behind 95% of the nearly 100 songs we wrote together. But as a 28 year old man, I had a lot going on in my head and now as a nearly 40 year old man, I will explain......In Between.

It is the story from the viewpoint of a singer trying to connect with a stone faced apathetic audience and getting it done by the time the song ends. It is also from the viewpoint of that skeptic in the audience who starts as a stalwart and finishes as a superfan.
I have been both of these characters.I have spent time "in between" both of these characters. I have had a "wall of sound to climb". I have wanted to "see and be seen". I have "watched the children push against my breath". I have tried "to make it cling to empty eyes".
It is a song about constantly being in between what moves me to create music and listening to what inspires me to love and be challenged by music.

It is also the best vocal take I've ever done. I remember recording the vocals standing in the corner of Anthony's bedroom while staring out the window on to a lonely and vacant street in Rochester, where most of my early rock dreams were forged. I knew I had nailed it, but was still amazed when I heard it back. To this day, I've never been able to reach the power, presence and ease of that vocal take. And I don't know where it came from. A vocalist knows if he's in the groove or not when he steps behind a mic. You need a mixture of perfect "ingredients" for a clean powerful vocal. It is different for every singer. It may be finding your mood, lighting, clear sinuses, "medication", a clear picture of conveying what you have to say,etc. That day it was just right. It was made much easier to achieve with Anthony's guitar riffing brilliantly underneath. The guy is just an awesome musician. I've recorded with others all over the country, but nothing matches the guitar prowess, common ideas and relationship I have with Anthony.

This song is beautiful, risky, turbocharged and all good rock songs should be. I hope you like it. It makes me proud to be an artist.
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