Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #36

# 36 Aerosmith- Sick as a Dog 1976

I'm a classic rock guy at the foundation. I like my guitars loud, I like my vocals melodic. I like my lyrics to tell a story. I like the story to be hidden in the lyrics. And after loving this song for as long as I have, I decided to research the story. Apparently, the song is about Steven Tyler meeting Mick Jagger for the first time, and it didn't go too well. Maybe it was the blow they were both doing at the time...or Mick's jealousy of someone on this side of the pond having lips as big as his,we'll never know.

Listen to the lyrics....Please, I've just got to talk to you..Please, well get your head out of the loo. Please, we're a long long way from home. Please, you'd turn a young man's face to stone. The "loo" line is Mick..The "turn a young man's face to stone is Mick,too I'm guessing. Was Mr. Tyler nodding out in a bathroom stall while trying to talk shop with Jagger? And Jagger being the egotistical wanker that he is takes a look at Mr. Tyler in the shape he's in and basically calls his mug medusa-like? Sod off, Mick!

I love rock! And I love ROCKS. The best album from Aerosmith,released in 1976 at the height of their toxicity. So many songs to choose from, Rats in the Cellar, Last Child, Lick and a Promise and Back in the Saddle. The album reeks of jugs of wine ,smoky scarves, alligator boots and backstage booty. But this song is so unclean.This song is so sleazy. What a thumping groove, what a greasy grimy guitar riff. What a one of a kind voice. Mix that all up, throw in some lost weekends, dimebags, track marks and ashtrays and you've got what the heavy 70s was all about. And Joe Perry! Never listed among the great guitarists..WHY? Everything he does sounds like nobody else!

Believe it or not, I walked backwards into Aerosmith, came late and stayed for the afterparty. My sister Meaghan has loved Aerosmith since around 86-87. She loved Permanent Vacation and Pump and has had a thing for Steven Tyler since the LAST time he went to rehab. Back at Farmview Lane, her room always smelled like hairspray and spandex and she had all the posters. Although I was not allowed in her room, I did peek in there from time to time to see was hair bands I was missing out on that were plastered to her walls..along with her jewelry and pointy boots .As for Aerosmith.. I was familiar with Toys in the Attic, but was not a big fan. Since Meaghan loved these guys so much I decided to trust her judgement, buy the albums she didn't have and discovered how awesome their 70s stuff was. The first 4 albums: Aerosmith(73) Get Your Wings(74) Toys in the Attic(75) and Rocks (76) rival ANY band in their prime. And I just love the output..That only 4 YEARS. No wonder they snorted anything within 5 feet of them. Times have changed, though and they've actually been MORE successful from '87 on, with movie soundtracks, songwriting teams and ballads. But I still love the toxic years...

Thanks Meaghan for introducing me properly to the boys from Boston! Meaghan and I had the night of our lived almost two years ago when we got to meet Joe Perry and Steven Tyler and then went to Steven Tyler's dressing room and hung out alone with him for almost an hour. He was a fantastic guy who sat and talked with her with a huge heart and we will never forget that night. It was Meaghan's ultimate rock fantasy! We were 3 rows from the front and sang along to every word. he picked her out in the crowd and referenced her on the mic, too! Priceless.... I don't think I will ever not think of my little sister when I hear any Aerosmith .Love You, MEAN IT, Meaghan! NUFF SAID!

Top 5 Aerosmith songs 1) Sick as a Dog 2) Seasons of Wither 3) Uncle Salty 4) Make It 5)Last Child

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  1. koalacourt9:25 AM

    Dude how did you get Steven to hang with you for so long backstage? Was that before the show? Im so jealous. Like you Ive loved this band from way back and the first 4 Aerosmith catalog years blow my mind every time I play them. Never knew that about sick as a dog, where'd you find your research? For Id love to know more about any of these songs. You summed it up best about their songs, amazing! Aerosmith was and still can be so pure!