Thursday, July 24, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #15

#15 Mark Lanegan The River Rise 1994

There comes a time when an album can change your life or at least the way you feel about living it. Mark Lanegan's second solo album Whiskey For the Holy Ghost is one of those albums for me. Most of you have no idea who Mark Lanegan is, and he could not care less. He likes it that way. But for your possible benefit, I will tell you he is the former lead singer of the Seattle band The Screaming Trees.

He has never returned and has since put out album after album of incredible music. His smokey mesmerizing baritone has turned up on albums from Queens of The Stone Age, Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs and Isobel Campbell, former singer in Belle and Sebastian. I say mesmerizing because I have never heard anything like him...a little bit of Tom Waits,Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and a Dash of Dean Martin funnelled through the ghosts of busted old Mississippi bluesmen. A spooky crooner, solitary sufferer, burning through lost nights and punished by the morning after. And living hard to tell about it.

This is music for people who have had their share of trouble..but can still etch the beauty into a stone face at sunset...I certainly would fist bump him if we ever met, because his music has set the pace and lit the soundtrack for my life during my wandering years. But this album, introduced to me by my great friend Mark S. was like a warm jacket for a burned out frozen soul. This album from beginning to end has a snapshot attached to each in a shanty like shack of a garage in West Seattle with a sleeping bag, a roll of insulation to sit on and a seven dollar a week sustenance on jugs of wine and Ramen....shuffling through pages of curses and comforts....waking up to find another sleeping bag in the adjacent room filled with a man who would not wake for three days.....Stepping out into the gravel driveway on a morose and misty morning and retracing your steps......Autumn hymnal music.....trees rustling and howling on a deserted road while delivering pizza in a Mazda truck way past dusk, waving you through the stark nothingness..somewhere in Monroe County....wasting time and tying up dead ends.........There is deep beauty in Mr. Lanegan's music, you may have to dig through miles of memory to get it or it may just slap you in the face and send you on your way., it just may refuse your inquiry............a deity in flannel waiting in the dark in your room for you......with questions about your journey. Kingdoms of rain.................pouring down.

So much much to leave much to have to sneak into the next escape.

I love this guy so much I would gladly one of his albums for you people.....he's that good.

Top 5 Mark Lanegan Songs 1)The River Rise 2)Borracho(Whiskey for the Holy Ghost) 3) One Way Street(Field Songs- '01) 4)El Sol(WFTHG) 5)Methamphetamine Blues

01 The River Rise.m4a
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