Sunday, July 27, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #11

#11 AC/DC Love Hungry Man 1979

So many AC/DC songs.....such a short list.....But, I had to settle on my favorite Track off of my favorite AC/DC album. Highway to Hell. Love Hungry Man tells the simple story of boy meets girl. Our protagonist, Mr. Ronald "Bon" Scott is romancing a lady of his fancy. Hunger overtakes him and regardless of the fact that he doesn't know what the fair lady's name is or what she may be chattering on about, he intends to "make a meal" out of her.
In between the release of this album in July 1979 and his untimely death at age 33 in February 1980, I am sure he was WELL FED.
Sure I could have picked Touch Too Much, Beating Around the Bush, Girls Got you see a theme here?
SEX, people......making flippy floppy...the old in out-in out. There was a time as an 11 year old when I thought this song was about cannibalism.....but then several years later in the Halls of Martha Brown huddled with my cohorts as some high haired cutie with Jordache Jeans and a training bra on turned all of our heads away from Mattel Electronics Football... did I GET IT. And from then on EVERY listening adventure of the Highway To Hell album, enriched my Sex. Ed experience. Thanks, Bon.
This was the first AC/DC album produced by Mutt Lange, who went on to make many millions producing Back in Black and all of Def Leppards cheesy albums....Now most of those millions will end up in Shania's pockets, dude-you should have hired an ugly assistant.
5 Quick facts about AC/DC
1)Bon Scott was the truck driver for AC/DC before being a member. He wanted to audition for drums, but Phil Rudd got the slot, so he tried out for singer.
2) Malcolm Young(rhythm GTR.) , not Angus, is the leader of the band.
3) Malcolm has played the same 1963 Gretch Jet Firebird guitar for the band's entire career.
4) The band is popularly known as Acca Dacca in Australia. They are Australian, not British.
5) There IS hair under Brian Johnson's cap.

The Brian Johnson -era must be represented here as well. So I will include two Top 5s
Top 5 Brian songs
1) Hells Bells
2)Shoot to Thrill (Angus' best solo)
3) Evil Walks(FTATR '81)
4)Lets Get It Up (FTATR)
5) R+R Ain't Noise Pollution

Top 5 Bon Songs
1) Love Hungry Man
2) Whole Lotta Rosie(Let There Be Rock)
3)Shot Down in Flames(HTH)
4) Rocker(Dirty Deeds)
5) Touch Too Much(HTH)

Shazzbottt, NANU, NANU!

I had the iron on baseball jersey, I dressed as Angus Young , schoolboy outfit+ devils tail for Halloween, and I eventually bought a cheap Gibson SG to be like Angus(and Tony Iommi). I am an AC/DC fan.
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