Saturday, July 19, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #19

#19 Nirvana All Apologies 1993

There could not be a more fitting swan song for Kurt Cobain than this song....the last track from their last album In Utero.
It almost seems like he was atoning for his sins and for the sins committed against him. Possibly tongue in cheek, most likely serious and scathing. You never knew what you were going to get from his lyrics...which is why I loved them so much.....especially the line in this song "I wish I was like you, easily amused." That has always been a mini mantra of mine...tortured artist-speak for the perpetually challenged. Challenged to complete something creative that you may have started....but never returned to. I have so many on my list....a novel called The Flip Side, college, pictures, podcasts....and so many songs. The restraints we get shackled to are usually falsely manifested...and they only turn into regrets. Kurt makes me think of regret. He could never get past being a poster boy, a junkie, a messiah for the flannel masses.
He could not escape he opted out..... and left us with questions and Courtney.
Kurt was always so put upon and tortured throughout his brief life....more than I could ever relate to. But this song seemed to tie all of his loose ends together...All in all is all we are.

I highly recommend the novel Heavier Than Heaven by Charles Cross. It is the one and only real story of his life from a rising rock phoenix to a burn out who may or may not fade away.

I was able to see Nirvana live only once, while visiting my friend Mark out west in Washington. It was to be their last American Concert at the Seattle Center on January 7th 1994. It is a great memory of looking out into the crowd on the floor of a hockey arena and watching 18000 kids thrashing and jamming in unison.

Top 5 Nirvana songs 1) All Apologies 2)Breed(Nevermind)We can plant a house, we can build a tree 3) Aneurysm(Incesticide)Come on over and do the twist, come on over and shoot the shit! 4)Polly(Nevermind)lemme clip, dirty wings 5)Dumb(In Utero)maybe just happy... Just missed: School(Bleach)NO RECESS!
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