Monday, July 14, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #26

#26 The Who 5:15 1973

"WHY SHOULD I CARE? WHY....SHOULD I CARE?" Believe me, you should. This is The Who, Damnit! My favorite track off of Quadrophenia (for the moment-its always this one or The Real Me) their second rock opera from 1973. Mods VS. Rockers..and how one amphetamine teen named Jimmy fits in to the mix.... Pete Townshend is a genius. That is well known.Can you imagine any band besides maybe Radiohead attempting a rock opera these days? He wrote TWO that are masterpieces. I love this song because it has it all..the rhythmic fury of Moon the loon, an awesome vocal take by Roger Daltrey, the dazzling line "He man drag in the glittering ballroom, gravely outrageous in my high heel shoes". The boy ponders his place.... and the horns blaze his trail as he tumbles through the solo. The Ox rumbles all over the neck of his bass and we're all left OUT OF OUR BRAINS on the train, WHOO OUT OF OUR BRAINS! Yeah, I've been there!
I'd like to personally thank CB Schottland for introducing me to The Who all those years ago. Don't remember where or when, but I know it was you. Do yourself a favor CB, pull out Quadrophenia some time soon, it still does the job. Drowned, The Punk and the Godfather, I've Had Enough, The Real Me, Love Reign O'er Me....All brilliant .
I took my brother Kevin to see The Who do Quadrophenia in its entirety in 1996 at Darien Lake. He was 18. I hope he gave a shit. I kept saying to him "Thats Pete Townshend right there!" He kept looking around and wondered what he was doing there. I took him to see the Stones too. And what does he do a year later ? grows some white boy dreads, tours the country with Phish selling grilled cheese out of the back of his car to make gas money.We didn't see him for three years. Dang it! At least I tried, Pete!

Top 5 songs by The Who 1) 5:15 2) The Real Me 3)Getting in Tune(Who's Next) 4) Slip Kid(Who By Numbers) 5) Join Together (single-'72)
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