Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #22

#22 The Police So Lonely 1978

It was the first week in August,1983 when I went to my first outdoor concert at the late great Holleder Stadium in Rochester, New York: The Police on their Synchronicity Tour, supported by The Fixx and A Flock of Seagulls. What a show. Sting came blazing out in that tattered bright orange-red jumper from the Synchronicity video, hair all spiked and blowing in the breeze of a late summer day. Andy strutted into place on stage left near the comfort of his guitar pedals and Stewart spanked the skins in focused abandon from the riser.They charged through a variety of super radio hits but I was waiting patiently for the intro to the song I desperately wanted to know the intro to So Lonely don't you?

One smack of the snare, Two bass notes....A reverb-y reggae riff..."Well someone told me yesterday.....AHHHH. I almost wet my Levi's cords right then and there. .....This song has absolutely everything people. The almost meloncholy reggae verses with Stewart cornering the high hat like a bully and Sting wailing sky high, then the punk chorus that slams the clutch into 4th, and then cleanly and discreetly back into the verse.... Beautiful harmonies on the choruses, a atypically LONG solo by Andy, 2 quick bursts of harmonica, even. A completely perfect song! As I write this it makes me mad. Because Sting is such a TOOL now. So insanely talented....I'm sure he still has it(I saw them live in Oakland last year,he does)...but he just doesn't WANT it anymore......He'd rather sit in one of his 3 castles, do tantric yoga and fuck in rainforests for six hours while noodling around with his jazz band until something shits itself out and calls itself pretty.......Sting,Stank,Stunk.

I miss the Police.(or The Cops as my friend Tom calls them) There will never be another band like them. The first 3 albums represent the best run any band has ever had. Even though I put Outlandos D 'Amour , the album this track is from on top today, it could very well switch places with Regatta or Zenyatta, yadda yadda yadda. Sting is an incredible bass player, but he's so fucking hunky people don't notice. Andy had so many tricks in his guitar bag..jazz,reggae,punk and prog.....and Stewart Copeland is merely one of the top 5 drummers of all time. There isn't a high hat in the world that ain't afraid of him....a true master...could switch it up like nobody else..when you'd least expect it. We have our memories...but don't call The Cops....after August you'll never hear from them again. But I still have So Lonely to keep me company.

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da will always have a special place in my heart as well. It was the first song my son Hudson ever danced to. He had to hear it over and over and would do this shake and shuffle from side to side...priceless.

Top 5 Police songs 1) So Lonely 2)The Bed's Too Big Without You 3)Driven To Tears(some of the best drums I've ever heard) 4)Can't Stand losing You 5)Man in a Suitcase(just listen to the DRUMS,man)

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