Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #28

#28 The Black Crowes Wiser Time 1994

The Black Crowes have done a fantastic job of "keeping the dream alive" since 1990, whether that dream was playing Stonesy blues based rock songs to sit around the bong to, or churning out long dual guitar jams to tie your dyes to. I love them and I'm in neither camp. Chris Robinson can't sing very well and his brother Rich is just an OK guitar player, but put them together in a room and they sure can write great songs. I started my journey with the Crowes Bros. back in 1992 while living in Atlanta, their one- time home town. They had just released The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, which I consider their masterpiece. It had everything on it that the Stones weren't doing anymore. Rugged rock and blues riffs with a swagger and a soul. And solos....warm tones,blues based and plentiful on the cusp of the grunge era supplied by Mr. Marc Ford on Guitar and Ed Harsch on keys.

From there on I was hooked. In 1994, they released Amorica. If the songs didn't get ya', the album cover sure did. All I will say is "I salute the flag, brutha!" This fantastic song about life on the road was one of the tracks. In all of my travels, and I have had many (LA,NY, Atlanta, Seattle, NY, San Francisco, Philadelphia for those keeping score), This is my favorite travelling song...looking over traverse and terrain to my left out the window of my Mazda Truck, Blarney(my dog) hanging and drooling out the right while the world floats by in the fury of a blur. The interstates participate. The highways burn off into the sunrise and we're off again. Perfect all the way.

Chris Robinson was in the same bar as me in NYC, in the year 2000. A little club on the Lower East Side called Arlene Grocery. I had just come from work and had my "man bag" straddling my shoulder like I always did. As I passed him he said" why do all New Yorkers carry a bag with them everywhere." Well Chris, a man takes with him what he needs. And we were all "on the road" while living in NYC. Thanks for helping me with my travels, my friend.

Top 5 Black Crowes songs 1) Wiser Time 2)My Morning Song('92) 3)Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye('92) 4)Sister Luck('90) 5)Thorn in My Pride('92)
09 Wiser Time.m4a

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