Monday, July 07, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #31

#31 Bob Dylan- You're a Big Girl Now 1975

Bob Dylan as an artist can truly divide people. I need to tell you I've met just as many people who hate his music as those who think he's a genius, an American treasure. My friends and family lay on either side of the fence as well. I will not get on a Seano soapbox here and expell the virtues and wonder of Bob Dylan, except to say there are many songs of his that are etched in my very being, and some I could listen to once and never need to hear again. His lyrical output and influence are unparallelled, unreachable even by any other artist.

I chose this song because it became a mini soundtrack for the times I thought about failed relationships, not just mine but for the people I know and love. I still think about this song whenever that sort of journey through the depths of my mind is required, or just happens.It still resonates. It is quite simply, perfect for reflection of those times right out of the gate with"our conversation was short and sweet, it nearly swept me off of my feet. And I'm back in the rain, Ohh and you are on dry land.....". I'm quite certain Bob was writing about the end of his relationship with his wife Sara(Jakob's Mom), as is the theme throughout the album from which this came, the magnificant Blood On the Tracks from '75.So many great songs came from that album including Shelter From the Storm, Tangled Up in Blue, Idiot Wind, Simple Twist of Fate.The album's theme is another example of pain being good for something.

But alas, Bob Dylan is not for everyone. let me just say this. If you were to start listening to the Dylan because you lost a bet or something, start with Blood on the Tracks, move over to Blonde on Blonde('66), Highway 61 Revisited('65), and Check out New Morning from 1970 which has my second favorite Dylan song, Time Passes Slowly. I once used Time Passes Slowly as the sountrack to a Super 8 film I made of my friend Ken Warner "passing time" at his cabin along with his dog, Pepsi. I wish I could find that. I got an A in my film class.

As for newer Bob Dylan like Time Out of Mind and Love and Theft, I really don't understand the fuss. He has smoked his voice away like Joni Mitchell, and just doesn't care. I saw him in Austin last year and it was unbearable. Like a bullfrog with emphesema. We left early. It hurts to say it, but I think he should give it a rest. His legacy is intact for eternity. He's constantly changing up the structures and meters of even his well known songs to the point where you don't even know what he's singing, because he's so bored. I was bored, too.! Long live Nostalgia!

This is not the version on Blood On The Tracks, but an earlier version from different sessions, slower and moodier...included on his Biograph box set.

Top 5 Bob Dylan Songs 1) You're a Big Girl Now 2) Time Passes Slowly 3)Just Like a Woman 4)Girl From The North Country 5) I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

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