Friday, July 11, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #27

#27 The Rolling Stones- Loving Cup 1972

I fell for the Stones 1972 masterpiece Exile on Main Street earlier than most of my friends. I was 7 years old and going through my dad's LPs for the first time, and loved the album cover peppered with circus freaks and misfits and a man with 3 large balls in his mouth. I was mesmerized, but not enough to actually play the lp until the summer after 7th grade.Dad kept his albums inside an antique icebox and the turntable up top. It was a double album and I always put on side three first so I could hear "Happy". I never stuck around for more than 2 or three songs because I wanted to go ride dirtbikes in my very long driveway.

Fast forward several years and my love affair with the Glimmer Twins had blossomed into full fledged addiction. I delved back into dad's LPs. He never played them. I never remember my dad playing ANY albums except maybe Chuck Mangione, but he had everything from the Beatles to Big Brother and the Holding Co. to Tubular Bells. I took out Exile after reading about its legendary history(recorded 1/2 in the south of France,finished in LA, everyone including the producer Jimmy Miller were completely fucked up and/or absent) and it blew me away. Blues, dusty folk and spooky soul....and a song called Loving Cup.....great piano intro....bleeds into "I'm the man on the mountain, come on up"......WOW. Mick Jagger is a great lyricist.when he's not counting his money and keeping up with his seven kids by 4 women, he must get inspired..very underrated...and I think the lyrics on this song and this album are stellar.If you have time after reading a passage from your daily Seano bible...go check them out. When the chorus kicks the shit out of you.."Gimme Little Drink,From your loving cup, just one drink and I fall down drunk", there's no denying it, your beat up by the blues....and the horns carry you out.....I urge you to buy Exile on Main Street if you give a poop about music. It is a cornerstone in the foundation of RAWK.

My brother tells me that Phish do a great cover of this song. Feh! If it ain't broke....
I'll stick to the blueprint when I'm building my Fortress of Rockitude.

Check out Sweet Virginia, Casino Boogie, Torn and Frayed and All Down the Line in the deep cut dept.

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