Sunday, July 06, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #32

#32 Fleetwood Mac- Rhiannon 1975

"All your life, you've never seen a woman taken by the wind". Ohh had me at "Rhiannon rings....". I was/am/was/am infatuated with Stevie Nicks. Mysterious gypsy nymph with the pipes from heaven. Put music before everything in her life..marriage, kids, family just so she could sit down day after day and crank out spooky medieval tinged songs by candle light on a baby grand draped with gossamer scarves and frilly things.....thats DEVOTION folks. STAYS in the band with the guy whose heart she broke and wrote most of her hit songs about...sells millions more. And boys and men from the 70s to now would give anything just to set up the mic stand she twirls around and sings "Edge of 17" from every night. AWESOME.

How come when I went into the back of Spencer's (the Hot Topic of my day) as a teen I could never find a poster of her? I got stuck with Heather Thomas or Ginger Lynn...OH WELL...(secret fleetwood mac reference). Janis and Joni were geniuses too but I wasn't closing my eyes and thinking R rated thoughts of them. I love this song for so many reasons, the white witch behind the lyrics, the 3 part harmonies on the chorus, Lindsey's signature fingerpicking guitar style and Stevie's voice. My favorite female voice in rock....
From the self titled Fleetwood Mac album in 1975, this song was actually most Mac fans introduction to Stevie Nicks. It was her first composition brought to the band being that this album was the first to feature her and her partner, the genius that is Lindsey Buckingham. It went to #11 on the charts and the song Landslide was later covered by the Smashing Pumpkins and the freakin' Dixie Chicks. Stevie and Lindsey changed the fortune of this band and changed the course of 70s pop rock as well. This album and the mammoth 19 million selling Rumours from'77 are must haves for anyone who loves well crafted warm 70s pop songs and second to none production.

I have been known to have a fairly good "Stevie" singing voice, as witnessed by a few people. I've won a few karaoke contests with my version of "Dreams" and my old band the Blue Coolies used to do "Gold Dust Woman" all the time. I do not wear platform boots and spin my velvet shawls around my head while performing though. I just love her voice.

Top 5 Fleetwood Mac Songs 1) Rhiannon 2) Dreams 3) Second Hand News 4) World Turning 5) Gypsy

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